Your eating habits can hold you back if you let them

You know when people say that ab's are built in the kitchen? They're exactly right. No amount of exercise will cancel out a bad diet. You need to consume food's that are going to work in your favor & not against you when they'e ingested. The food's that are good for you enter your body after consumption and release antioxidants, vitamins, minerals to help your body fight off disease, feel full and more. You need to include more of these food's in your diet and way less chemically processed food's. Chemically processed food's are what's damaging your health and keeping you from your body goals.

When going grocery shopping spend more time  stocking up on the food's listed and ditch the chemically processed food's listed.

Your body will thank you.   

Food's to add to your life

 Fruits & Vegetables  

Fruits and Vegetables are the best food's to feed your body. They are natures medicine. When you feel like you're hungry it can be one of two things, your body is dehydrated or your body is hungry for nutrients. The nutrients your cells are begging for can be found in fruits and vegetables. When you feed your cells chemically processed food's instead not only is that "food" instantly stored as fat but you will feel hungry again soon after because your cells never got the nutrients they were begging for. This leads you to overeating & gaining excess weight. 

  • Fruits & Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. including but not limited to potassium, dietary fiber, folate (folic acid), vitamin A, vitamin C,

Adding fruits & vegetables into your diet help to give you energy, stronger teeth, better vision, vibrant skin and can prevent "mental fog" They can also reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure & more health related issues.

Consuming vegetables can be fun and done in so many different ways. From grilling, baking, steaming and eating raw to using them in smoothies. You can also purchase or make your own vegetable pasta. Vegetable pasta is more beneficial than your typical flour pasta because of the vitamins & minerals they contain unlike flour pasta. Vegetable pasta is gluten free & has way less calories than flour pasta. 3 cups of vegetable pasta is equal in calories to one cup of flour pasta. Personally my favorite vegetable pasta is Zucchini. You can combine your fruits and vegetables into creative juices using a juicer. Once of my favorite juices I make at home include: carrots, oranges, apples, lemons and sometimes spinach. This is an easy, tasty and effective way to get my daily fruits and vegetables in my system. 

Whole grains 

Whole Wheat, Whole Rye, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Whole-Wheat Couscous, Corn, Buckwheat

Whole grains are filled with B vitamins and fiber to regulate your digestive system, reduce cholesterol levels and can lower your risk for heart disease. Studies have shown that eating whole grains have helped people lose weight specifically around their abdominal region unlike white refined grains. Whole Grains make you feel full faster with less calories than their refined white counterparts (white rice, white bread, flour pasta) which are just refined versions of whole grains stripped of all their nutrients. Whole grain pasta is also a great replacement for white flour pasta: Brown Rice Pasta, Sprouted-Grain Pasta, Buckwheat Noodles, Quinoa Pasta & Whole-Wheat Pasta  

Lean protein

Chicken, Ground Turkey, Turkey Breast, Crab, Lobster, Shrimp, Atlantic Wild Caught Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass, Cod, Tuna, Scallops, Oysters, Peanut Butter, Hemp Seed, Egg's, Black Beans, Almonds, Avocado's 

Lean proteins are important because they help give your body the necessary fuel you need to build muscle. It's important to include a lean protein in every meal. Protein also burns calories faster than carbs and fat during digestion. Lean protein meat provides less calories for equal amounts of protein than higher fat meat. Lean Protein also helps make you feel full so you're not left hungry after a meal.


Fiber is essential to have in your life it can

  • Aid in healthy digestive system
  • Lower cholesterol & your risk of heart disease   
  • Prevent over eating by providing you with energy & a feeling of fullness
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Cleanse & Nourish your colon
  • Speed up your metabolism

It is recommended that you get a Dietary fiber intake of 20 - 35 g per day

Food's that offer fiber are

Whole Grains, Nuts, Popcorn, Black Beans, Berries, Spinach, Carrots, Lentil, Chickpea, Pear, Almond, Oranges, Bananas, Sweet Potato, Cocoa Powder, Apples, Broccoli, Pomegranate Seeds, Butternut Squash, Blackberries, Raspberries   

An easy way to sneak more fiber in your life is by adding Chia Seeds & Flaxseeds to your oats, smoothies, yogurt or baked good's. 

When you feel like you're constipated it's because you're not getting enough fiber in your diet. Fiber helps regulate your bowel movements and clear your system daily, leaving you feeling less bloated & congested. 

An overall rule to remember when it is time to sit down and eat is to have everything in moderation. You can still over eat healthy food. Make sure you're eating for fulfillment not to be stuffed. Slow down while eating, it's not a race. It takes 20 minutes from when you start eating for your brain to send signals that you are full so when you over eat in those first 20 minutes that's why your stomach starts to hurt afterword, you've eaten too much.

Food's to Stay Away From

When the "food" you eat has no nutritional value the only purpose it will serve in your body is to be stored as fat because your body doesn't know what else to do with it.

  • (Chemically) Processed food's are one of the major types of "food" to stay away from. I put food in quotations because processed food is not real food it is a food-like creation made in a lab using harmful chemicals like high fructose corn syrup that are highly addictive. The chemicals placed in these processed products are what the food industry use to get consumers addicted and keep buying more. Similar to how the tobacco companies work. Chemically Processed food's can contain even more chemicals than listed on the label, if you see "artificial flavor" listed there could be at least 10 different chemicals used to create that flavor. 

  • High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has been directly linked to the obesity & diabetes epidemic in America. It causes weight gain through Visceral fat accumulation which is the worst type of fat because it surrounds your organs and can lead to the production of cancer cells, diabetes, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol & liver issues. High Fructose Corn Syrup is in a lot of the chemically processed food's that are on the shelves being marketed to you. HFCS can be found in a ton of food's at your typical grocery store. If you pick up an item containing this ingredient, leave it on the shelf.

  • When we eat sugar dopamine is released, it's a neurotransmitter that sends signals to our brain that make us feel good. This same neurotransmitter is released when people do hard drugs like cocaine. Studies have been done to show how addicting HFCS can be. “Research shows that sugar can be even more addicting than cocaine,” says Cassie Bjork, R.D., L.D.,  “Sugar activates the opiate receptors in our brain and affects the reward center, which leads to compulsive behavior, despite the negative consequences like weight gain, headaches, hormone imbalances, and more. Every time we eat sweets we are reinforcing those neral pathways, causing the brain to become increasingly hardwired to crave sugar, building up a tolerance like any other drug,” Rats were given HFCS daily and when it was taken away they began to have withdrawal symptoms similar to when people are taken off hard drugs like cocaine. When you cut out something you're addicted to you begin to crave it & if you get your hands on it again you end up binging. This is how a lot of people relapse on their healthy eating journeys. The key to getting rid of processed sugars for good is by replacing them with real sugars that you can find in fruits and real fruit juices. 

If you see any of these ingredients on an item you pick up at the grocery store you're better off leaving it on the shelf:

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Monosodium glutamate or MSG
  • Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow coloring
  • Sodium Nitrates and Sodium Nitrites
  • Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Potassium Benzoate
  •  Artificial Sweeteners
  • Shortening
  • Hydrogenated oil
  • White Flour, White Rice, White Pasta, and White Bread

Processed food's that are white should be avoided because during the milling process, white flour is stripped down from it's original brown wheat state to remove the grain’s, fiber, protein, iron and B vitamins. So it's always better to pick the whole grain option when shopping for pasta, rice or bread. 

Use this blog post as a guide for the next time you go grocery shopping. Add more REAL FOOD into your life and watch your body change for the better. 









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